DH Pace Integrates Doors and Security Systems at New Hospital


A health care organization entering a new market constructs a 3-story general hospital complete with emergency services and in-patient and out-patient surgical services.


Due to the size and complexity of the new construction project, the general contractor wanted to partner with a single-source provider for multiple openings. The contractor had struggled in the past with coordinating the various projects that normally would have separate subcontractors. It became an important requirement to control the number of parties involved with this project.

Across the hospital, there was a laundry list of various door openings required. The customer needed over 150 hollow metal frames and nearly 30 hollow metal doors. Other areas in the hospital called for almost 250 aluminum door frames, more than 375 wood doors and various types of ICU sliding doors, bi-parting doors, bi-folding doors and a fire-rated aluminum door.

In addition to the doors, the project called for over 2,600 pieces of door-related hardware, as well as 18 automatic door operators. The customer worked with a national contractor for all the security-related access control hardware, closed-circuit TV (CCTV) and nurse call systems, and they needed support with the installation.


DH Pace provided all the doors for the project. They also pre-installed all the door hardware before shipping the doors from warehouse. This reduced the overall time required to install the doors onsite. Serving the customer as a single point of contact streamlined the project, minimized sourcing issues, provided superior quality control, eliminated miscommunication and allowed the doors to be installed much later in the project. Completing the installation later in the project allowed greater access for other subcontractors and minimized damage to the finished door products.

The Company also provided installation services for all the access control hardware the customer had from their national security vendor. DH Pace also provided scope gap wiring, an often overlooked component of installation required to make the access control hardware operate in conjunction with the doors. Technicians performed all the systems integration testing and conditioning on 91 openings and 87 security cameras throughout the hospital.


The expertise and efficient project management DH Pace provided ensured that all aspects of the project were fully addressed. Facilitating the efforts across divisions of DH Pace eased the impact for the contractor. Plus, the Company increased the efficiency of field installation by recommending and providing the doors with the hardware pre-installed.

Coordinating the procurement and installation of so many materials from a single source lessened the opportunity for unforeseen circumstances to impact obtaining and installing the materials.